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long interval on some frames

#1 goodwin
I have a sequence where the interval is longer than originally set in the intervalometer and this causes flicker. Not sure how to deal with this or if there is a solution. I was wondering if duplicating frames and adding them in would help. Or is there another way to help the flicker.


Frame 10 interval 2
Frame 11 interval 5
Frame 12 interval 2

If I duplicated frames 10 & 11 then changed the time stamp to make the interval between 10 & 12 to an even timing if that would help?

#2 gwegner
Most likely your camera just skipped some exposures. You can avoid this by "hacking" your intervalometer, as explained here:

In my opinion duplicating frames to compensate for this doesn't help. I'd just live with it.
If it's at the beginning of the sequence, just delete those first 11 frames and go for it.
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#3 goodwin
Thank you for answering so quickly. Will read the provided links.

...also check out: