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Keyframe Crop - Fixing Camera Movement

#1 philipwinn
Hi - new user here.

I am working on my first sequence and unfortunately the camera was bumped and moved slightly several times during an 8 hour shoot (1800 frames).

I have tried using keyframes on the crop tool to resolve this - but it is not working well. 

I looked for each frame where there was a slight shift in camera position and set up keyframe crops based on a consistent reference point in the frame (the edge of a small building). 

I have read a bunch of threads on Ken Burns and pans and moves, but can't understand how to translate those instructions into dealing with this issue - any advice welcome.


#2 rodrigo
Hi Phillip, I did a moon rise just before Xmas and somehow there was a bump in the middle of the sequence, after I done the rendering  and created the movie I imported the timelapse into Corel video studio and corrected the bump as this program has a camera shake removal facility. If you go to the Showroom tab in the forum and look for my post "Merry Christmas", you will see a slight movement in mid moon rising.
I hope this help, regards.

#3 gwegner
You have to use 5* Keyframes (key 5 in LRT) in order to animate the crop.
Please see this faq: http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-kern-burns-effect
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