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Acadia National Park Time Lapse in 4K!

#1 WillGreene
Check out my second time lapse film of Acadia National Park if you have 5 minutes! Processed with Lightroom and LRTimelapse, don't know what I'd do without it.
Here's the link, enjoy! -Will

#2 Krimolvig
This is not bad at all, gratulation!

You have a really good starting point for something big here. A lot of nice compositions and angels. I'm struggling understanding why you combine the use of short and long exposures. To emphasize the effect of timelapse one should always strive to use long shutter speed, to amplify the feel of time passing by. Some clips you do this perfectly fine, eg. the veil in the river or lake. But in contrast, a lot of the clips have this stuttering water or trees (with fast shutter). This make me feel that it might as well be a high-speed video..

I always try to make my day-time timelapse footage with shutter 1"-2" or even longer. This requires some ND-filters though, but it doesn't seems that it's lack of gear or knowledge that's the problem in this case Wink
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