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TP-link wifi configuration

Thanks for the great DSLRDashboard and TP-link solution. Works perfectly so far. I am connecting directly to the wifi of the TP-link. However, I would like to get the followings scenarios running and haven't managed so far. Would appreciate your help/instructions for the LuCI interface.

Scenarios 1: WiFi client
- Connect TP-link to another wifi (client mode, of our house)
Problem: When scanning for wifi, I can join the wifi, but cannot reach the router

Scenario 2: WiFi repeater
- Connect TP-link to another wifi (client mode) which has internet access
- Emit wifi signal to connect to TP-link (access point)
- Route between the 2 wifi networks (not bridged, so that all clients appear as TP-link), all clients to the TP-link access point have internet access

Scenario 3: Internet access
- As scenario 2 and additionally
- Connect through wifi (client mode) to internet
- Get through a Domain Name Service a static domain
- Access TP-link through domain name over the internet and control camera from really far away

Any ideas?
As this has nothing to do with DLSRDashboard at all, I suggest you ask in the OpenWRT Forums.


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