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5K in the Lightroom LRTimelapse options

#1 helloiamrory
Hi everyone!

I shoot on a 5dmkiii and here are my current options when I export.

The first dimensions are the native raw image sizes, then the lightroom intermediate file dimensions and then the final video files size.

4K - 5760 × 3840 ---------> 4096 × 2731 --------> 4096 × 2728

5K - 5760 × 3840 ---------> 6144 × 4096 --------> 5120 x 3416

6K - 5760 × 3840 ---------> 6144 × 4096 --------> 6144 × 4096

So for 4K, I am having to downsize and then render out at 4K. This is great mostly but it would be nice to have a bit more res for cropping

For 5K, the intermediate file is having to be upscaled to 6K and then downscaled for the render back to 5K. The intermediate upscale of the image is not ideal I feel, but the final res is much closer to what is coming out of the camera which is nice. This is where having the option for 5K in the LRTimelapse preset within the Lightroom exporter would be great. There would be no need in the entire process for the upscale hence preserving a better quality in the image.

For 6K, with the 5dmkiii's files, there isnt a way around it really. It will be upscaled. I almost feel that it might be better if there is going to be an upscale to 6K in the intermediate files at any point, that you might as well stick with it and render out to 6K perhaps?

#2 gwegner
I'll think about it. But don't worry too much about that skaling, you won't see any difference.
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#3 helloiamrory
Great thanks Gunther!

It's a slight increase in size which will reduce the quality ever so slightly, but you are right, most of the time it will not be noticeable. This could introduce a slight amount of noise for example to something that is already struggling with the amount of noise it has?

It really would be great to have a final product that have gone through as few changes as possible to its original physical size.

Thanks for the speedy reply Gunther, really great service and appreciated Wink

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