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Adobe DNG Converter only in 32-bit?

#1 MattT
Hey all,

The slowest part for me and I'm sure all of you, is waiting for the previews to show up, and then of course the lightroom export.

When the previews are being made in LRtimelapse, it runs Adobe DNG converter in the background to proecess and show these preview images.

I've noticed my system is running the adobe dng converter in 32-bit (as shown by windows task manager).  ... I've searched online for a 64-bit edition, but can't find any information.

Is it only available in 32-bit?  Seems a bit crazy to me there isn't a 64-bit version.

Many thanks!
#2 gwegner
Hi Matt, of course it would be nice to have a 64bit DNG Converter. I'm however not really sure, if the speed advantage would be as big as claimed here: https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop...er_planned

Background is, that LRTimelapse launches several instances of the DNG Converter in parallel, speeding up the process considerably compared to the standard sequential conversion offered by Adobe. Since every instance only deals with one image, the 32bit version is probably sufficient.

Anyway - feel free to add your vote to the post liked above - but since Adobe is so hesitant in adding ANY features to the DNG Converter since years (see my poll to add a JPG conversion here: https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop...-converter ) I doubt, they will do anything about 64bit... :-(
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#3 MattT
Hi Gunther,

Many thanks for your reply. Yeah seems like Adobe doesn't have much interest in making it 64-bit, very strange. At least they're still updating it lol. You're probably right about the parallel threads in 32-bit.

I'll add my vote to both!

Thanks again.

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