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Charging problem

#1 PatrickCheung
Hello Gwegner:
I got some charging problem.
1) I am charging my timer one day already and I keep in switch off but when I switch on it is 68% still.
2) when I unplug the power and keep switch off and leave it. After few days I try to switch on. It seem like run out the battery and I can’t switch on my timer. I need to charge again. The happen like this is it normal?

I brought that for a week still not using yet. I still need to find out what happen of charging.


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#2 gwegner
No, of course that's not normal. Seems you might have got a defective unit.

Please contact me directly via Email to support(at)lrtimelapse.com. Please add your postal address, when and where you bought the timer to your email and we'll find a solution.
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