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Colours of the final clip look desaturated when exporting in Adobe RGB

#1 flopin_93
Hi Community,

I got the following problem:
When I export the images from Lightroom with Adobe RGB the exported images look just fine (doesn´t matter if they are JPEG oder TIFF).....but as soon as the Sequence is then exported in LR Timelapse the colours of the final Clip look desaturated.

I then tried exporting from Lightroom with the "force sRGB" Box activated and it just works fine.....no colour changes....the final clip looks like in Lightroom or LR Timelapse with no noticeable colour shifts.

Can anybody explain to my why this happens?
I´m thankful for every idea.

I´m using a Mac Book Pro (Mid 2014)

Greetings from Austria
#2 blackglass
Hi, probably someone with more knowledge will overwrite this but it's my understanding the sRGB colourspace is designed for viewing on computer screens whilst Adobe RGB is more for matching colour on prints. I think if you are working predominantly with video (timelapse) you'd be better sticking with sRGB.

In Adobe RGB the difference between what you see on screen and what you get from a print can be way off.
#3 flopin_93
Hi Blackglass,
Thank you very much for your response!

Okay but if it is true what you say why do I get the correct colours on the exported TIFFs and JPEGs from Lightroom?....because they are also in Adobe RGB and they look just fine.
That is what confuses me....

#4 flopin_93
It is only after I rendered the Final Video with LR timelapse that I get the false colours.
#5 blackglass
I'm not trying to be rude but LRTL is a tad clunky in it's use and it's easy to get something wrong if you're new to it. Are you sure your procedures are exactly right? I have to say I have made every error known to man because I don't use LRTL constantly. Every time I come back to it I start making silly errors again.
#6 gwegner
Color Management for Photo and Video is very different. There are many steps involved which have to all play well together and even then due to the conversion of the colors from photo to video you might still get subtile differences.
The easiest and safest would be to use sRGB and then Rec709 - this will automatically happen when you click "use sRGB" in LRTExport. Go for it. Most programs will playback those files with the colors you expect.
AdobeRGB is a wider Color range which would transform into the Wide Gamut BT2020 in Video - but not all players can play those. So better stay with the standard (709) if you don't exactly know that you will be producing HDR output.
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