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Drag to Lightroom

#1 Paulsteeper

I am new to this but have a urgent college project to complete.

I have paid for LRTimelapse 5.0.7 , and have down downloaded Adobe Lightroom CC, 

There is a button called Drag to Lightroom , How does this work , I have Lightroom open , but when you try to Drag to Lighroom , nothing happens , where do you drag it do , etc , please help 

#2 rodrigo
In Lightroom create a new catalogue and give it a name. Go to LRTimelapse CLICK and HOLD the drag button and drag to the opened Lightroom catalogue you created and it will automatically show in it. Then click import and choose "key frames".
#3 Paulsteeper
Thanks for replying but light room CC , does not seem to give me the option of starting a catalogue , it only mentions albums or folders , and I have tried both of them
#4 rodrigo
Go to the menu, click the first tab, in the drop down menu the second option is for creating a new catalogue.
#5 rodrigo
Sorry it is the first option under the File tab in the menu bar, New Catalogue.
#6 gwegner
You need to use "Lightroom CC Classic" in order to work with LRTimelapse - blame Adobe for the confusion with the names. Here is a faq for the "Drag to Lightroom" thing: https://vimeo.com/228635987 - check out also my other tutorials: https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial/
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