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flicker in the LRtimelapse screen itself

#1 mdc1138
I recently set up some new machines, and the user interface in LRtimelapse keeps switching back and forth between two shades of grey (about 2x/second), it is very distracting. Here's a video showing it happening; it isn't the screen or any other program, just the UI in LRtimelapse. Happens on two different machines; but only the Minis and not the 2019 iMac.

Version 5.2.2 build 577, on a 2018 Mac Mini running 10.14.6.
#2 gwegner
There is no video linked. Sounds like an issue with your graphics driver (no one else reported such a behavior yet). But anyway: could you please try 5.3 beta https://lrtimelapse.com/news/lrtimelapse-5-3-beta/ and check if the problem occurs there too?
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