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For Sale: eMotimo Spectrum

#1 usmaan
Hi folks. I am selling the Spectrum. Please see below:

For Sale: eMotimo Spectrum ST4
Price: $2,499 (Shipping free within US) - this is a ~17% discount from regular eMotimo pricing

(Current price new / direct from website: $3,000)

This is a 4 axis pan / tilt / translate / zoom (or iris / focus) axis motion controlled system.

Product page: https://emotimo.com/products/spectrum-st4-pro-vmount-fz

Photos (Actual equipment - not 'product shots'): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lthif47v23hdn..._BjXa?dl=0

Video of Spectrum in operation (Actual equipment - not ‘product shots’): https://www.dropbox.com/s/f16c5sf2hwi7hw...M.mov?dl=0

Purchased Feb 2017

Condition: Like New. Used less than 3 times. The only signs of use are a few cosmetic marks / minor scratches. The actual function of the equipment is brand new. Works perfectly - there are absolutely no missing or damaged parts.

Reason for selling: I love the Spectrum but due to other demands on my time I am not able to use it as often as I’d like. The few times I have used it, I have loved it and it’s worked great.

Contents Include:
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 head
eMotimo Focus Fz (Focus/Iris/Zoom axis control motor)
PS4 Controller to control Spectrum head
Integrated L-plate for mounting camera to Spectrum head
Standard 15mm Rail for mounting eMotimo Focus Fz
5:1 motor (fast)
27:1 motor (slow)
Belt to connect motor to slider (Belt originally meant for iFootage Shark Slider)
AC adapter for eMotimo Spectrum ST4 (for running it off electricity)
RAVPower battery pack for eMotimo Spectrum head (includes adapter to recharge battery pack, wire to connect battery pack to eMotimo Spectrum plus extension wire if longer lenght is desired)
Misc. Allen wrenches
Receiver (plus 1 spare) for PS4 Controller / eMotimo Spectrum communication
All necessary screws / bolts
Canon camera connection cable
Pelican style case with foam inserts / customized cut-outs for secure transportation that fits all items mentioned above

Willing to include iFootage Shark Slider in package for total of $2,750.

(Similar to configurations shown here: https://emotimo.com/collections/bundles/...5316110433)

Feel free to message me any questions you have about the equipment ???
Fan of all things epic & adventurous.
#2 joel.E
Hello are you open for just the fz motor ?

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