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Long Term TImelapse Removing Night shots

#1 Graphections
Hi there,

I have a month of shots here, shot 24/7 and I was wondering what the best workflow would be to remove the evening shots in bulk?
Also if I was just to edit everything day and night shots into one sequence, what is the best way to deflicker ?
In your tutorial for Long Term Timelapse you refer to the Deflicker Tab, of which there is not one in 4.7.1.? Do yo have an updated tutorial for this?
FYI I am using the Large Memory LRT app.

#2 Graphections
Just wondering, could the greyed out areas be grey while the exif data is still be read in the background?
#3 gwegner
Please read my instructions for the new long term workflow here: http://lrtimelapse.com/instructions
Deflicker is still there in the workflow.
You should wait until exif data has fully been read before starting with the workflow.
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