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LRTimelapse 5.1.1 - export is missing browse button for output folder

#1 StaryKaszub

After upgrade to version 5.1.1 when I try to export from Lightroom there is no browse button for output path selection. The output path edit box extends beyond the right edge of the export dialog box. You only option to change the output path is type it in, past from file explorer or select one from drop-down list - all cool, but browse button was the coolest.
#2 gwegner
Most likely the recent path history has a path that is too long and pushes the button to the right.
Solution: right click on the text box where the output path goes and select to clear the history. This should solve the problem. You might have to reopen the dialog.
Unfortunately this is a Lightroom annoyance, that I cannot really work around.
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