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Miami Project April 2, 2018

#1 Dale Davis
[size=large]This 1:8 minute video is the result of over 3 years of shooting timelapse photography. Over 25 individual clips were used, dating back to 2016. Some new material, recently shot on a trip to downtown Miami are included, along with clips you probably have already seen before. As I build up an inventory of these clips, I am now learning newer techniques, which include hyperlapse, and the use of LRTimelapse4,  Adobe After Effects software, and Adobe Premier Pro software.   In timelapse, the camera is fixed and records changing scenes with movement like people, clouds, sunrises, sunsets, etc.  In hyperlapse, the camera is moved between each frame.  After a sufficient number of frames is acquired ( e.g.: 24 frames per second of film) a video can be rendered with the use of software (those mentioned). [/size]
[size=large] [/size]
[size=large]As always,  go to full frame and sound. I realize that some of this footage is a bit shaky, and this is due to the inability of the warp stabilizer software to fully reduce the differences between each frame.  With time, I hope to get these sequences smoother.  This is an ongoing learning experience for me.[/size]

For those of you out there who can help me, feel free to give advise- especially with the warp stabilizer and the shaky buildings. I tried very hard to keep my target centered. Most of the hyperlapses were done hand held, and the timelapses done with tripod. 
[size=large]  [/size]
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[size=large]Thanks for watching.[/size]
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[size=large]Dale  [/size]
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[size=large]Here is the link  [/size]
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#2 rodrigo
Hi Dave, I just love your night shots, they so sharp. With reference to the hyperlapse they are good, if anything, avoiding the lamp post throw you out of a straight line, I have only tried to do one and it turned out to be a disaster, very shaky. Yours are so smooth, is it because you are on a paved area?, I did it in a cobbled street, so you can imagine..ne..ne..ne. Keep it up.
Also the weather helps a lot.
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