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Mysterious Foggy Redwood Timelapse

#1 yostopia
Here's a very short piece I made this week as a sort of visual birthday card for my wife. I'm working on a much larger TL project this year but the conditions were just right the other day for this so I grabbed the camera and took about 30 minutes to shoot the scenes from my front yard and a couple of hours in LRT2 to process and edit. Proof that creating amazing stuff doesn't have to take long if Mother Nature is giving you what you need.

[Video: http://vimeo.com/62339878]
#2 TahoeSux
Very nice. You must have a much faster computer than I. Takes a few minutes to develop the sequence and 1-2 hours to render in LR.

Look forward to seeing your next project. I'm working on a mostly timelapse piece about my lifetime of running, hiking and riding on Mt. Tam. Mostly obscure, hidden, places on and around Tam.

Your work is vastly more polished than mine. Bought my first DLSR ever in January for this project...

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