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NEF Visual Preview dramas

#1 pmcdonald
Okay, this could well be user error but I'm assembling my latest time lapse. Usually I shoot CR2 with Canon but this rig was my first using a Nikon body, so hence the NEF files. I get to the Visual Preview stage of the process and get the attached prompt from LRTImelapse:

"Visual Previews and Visual Deflicker not available for JPG-Sequences!"

This sequence is 100% .NEF. Do I need to convert these to something else beforehand? With the Canon RAW's I've always just merrily clicked my way through the steps without issue.

Using LRTimelapse 4.8.3 on Windows 10. I've had this issue on NEF sequences a couple of thousand frames up to 40k images (long term construction...)

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#2 gwegner
Just check the folder, I'm sure there is one or more JPGs in that folder. Just delete them and start over (you might have to switch to another folder and then come back to this one).
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#3 pmcdonald
I'm an idiot - right you are Gunther. There was one stray JPG among the NEFs. Thanks for the solve!

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