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Pleasing results - first time LRT user

#1 radioheadnz
Apologies if I am doing this in the wrong way/place as I am new to this. I bought LRT a few days ago and have just posted the first attempts which do look quite good I think (but I am biased). Even more surprising is that the 1780 images used for the 2 x 3 minute videos were taken with a small 'Point and Shoot' camera. You be the judge, I am happy with LRT.
#2 nickm717
These look great! Especially for a point and shoot.
What frame rate did you render it at? Seems a little choppy.
#3 radioheadnz
The frame rate was 25, but at 1/4 speed. I tried many variations but in the end settled on this, mainly because I didnt have sufficient quantity of images for some sequences, and also because I was trying to get the Aurora to move as close to natural speed as possible even if a little choppy. What I would like to try is to create 4-5 new images between each of the existing ones and morph them, so then there would be anough frames to run at a full 25 frames (or more) and at natural speed. Other than creating these extra images manually and morphing them one at a time I don't know any other way of doing it, and that would be a long job. If anyone knows of software that would do this automatically I would love to know about it. It's still a (learning) work in progress.
#4 nickm717
I know Premiere Pro has a frame-blending setting but I am not sure if that is what you are looking for. I am still learning myself.
#5 radioheadnz
Thanks nickm717, yes you are right it looks like it will do what I need. Price was scary though, so did a bit of hunting around and may have found some open source software that will also work well. I'll have a play around and post the results here if they are positive.

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