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Render updated video when tifs have been deleted

#1 bodywise

I know this has been asked before but I am stuck. I want to render an updated (higher quality) version of a sequence already saved in LRTimeLapse. All the tifs and intermediate images have been deleted to save disc space.

I am unable to delete the Lightroom catalogue (folder). It is grayed out. It does not allow any "remove images." So I just copied all files into a new folder, import from LRTimeLapse into this newly created folder and it works fine. But this seems unnecesary.

Why can't I remove the original LightRoom (classic) catalogue (or folder) and just create my new export sequence? This simple step seems elusive!

It is basically this. I now delete all intermediate tifs because it takes up nearly a TB of storage. So I want to simply be able to re-render 1080p videos to 4K or even 8k videos.
#2 gwegner
Normally if you just want to reexport from Lightroom, there is no need to delete anything from lightroom.
If the sequence is still in Lightroom, you can just select the folder, select all images in Grid-View and export again via the LRTExport plugin from Lightroom.

My recommendation would be to keep the intermediaries because reexporting will take a rather long time. You could consider using JPG intermediaries if you want to save space, in many cases the quality won't suffer too much.

PS: Regarding your lightroom issues, that you cannot remove a folder because it's greyed out etc. that seems strange to me, never had that but it's a Lightroom only issue. Normally you can just right click on any folder in the catalog and choose to remove it from there.
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