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Support for HEVC on Mac

#1 derPhoto
There seems to be a bug in how the h265 exports are done with ffmpeg.

I was concerned why files exported from LRTimelapse didn't show up in quickview or quicktime. They are mov files so you would expect compatibility.

I then did some searching online and found this:

Basically, apple expects a different tag for HEVC than other people use. "Handbrake tags h.265 files as 'hev1', while High Sierra recognizes only 'hvc1'."

I used exiftool to inspect the file that had been output from LRTimelapse:
Compressor ID : hev1
Vendor ID : FFmpeg

I tried the suggested fix on the forum.
ffmpeg -i input.mov -vcodec copy -acodec copy -tag:v hvc1 output.mov

That allowed osx to see the movie file as I would have initially expected.

Please fix the output command to add this hvc1 tag so that the movies can be natively identified by osx/quicktime/whateverlib.

Other info:
OSX: 10.14.1
Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro15,1
Processor Name: Intel Core i9
Processor Speed: 2.9 GHz
#2 gwegner
So this seems to be a bug / deficiency in mac os, normally I wouldn't work around this, since it might break on other platforms or cause incompatibilities. Apple should really get their homework done on such things.
But anyway: I've done a couple of tests, and the programs that I've tested (Windows Explorer Preview, VLC, MPC Player), all seem to be fine with the hvc1 tag, so I will add it in LRTimelapse 5.1. Let's hope that this won't brake the compatibility for something else.
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