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Sync DIY arduino motion slider with mini genie

#1 KeyserSoze
Hi everyone,
i have built my own motion slider using arduino UNO and it works prety well. I also have 2x mini genies for pan and tilt. For now if i want 3 axis motion i have to set genies and then manually activate the slider and sync its move with genies move. Its easy to sync them for daylight timelapses with a 3 sec or more interval and fast shutter speeds, but its kinda tricky for milkyway/night timelapses with more than 5 secs shutter speed cause the sync its not so precise.
I want to sync them and i wonder if i can do it like the Syrp 3 axis system is working, mini genie as master and Genie as slave (instead of Genie i will use my arduino slider).
I have read another post about how to sync mini genie with nmx and want to try something similar but with my slider. Is it possible to connect mini genie with arduino for synced motion and have the camera connected on genie for trigger, or i have to sync the genie and the arduino and then trigger the camera from arduino?
Any suggestion?
#2 niko_at
yes it is. the best safest method will be to connect camera switch from mini genie to arduino and let arduino control camera like lrtimelapse free timer does. in setup set pinMode(x, INPUT_PULLUP) Connect mini genies camera output ground to ground and hot end to arduinos port x (x = free digital port). read this port and use info to trigger camera and slider.

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