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Two astrophotography related questions please

#1 guttedgeek
I have two capability questions that I'm keen to get an answer on please? I do these currently with my Pixel but it seems to me the Pro Timer would be a lot easier to use in the dark Wink

Question: In bulb mode (for long exposures of 30 seconds or more), can I specify the number of shots to take and the delay between each image?

Scenario: In Astrophotograhy I want to stack my images so I'd like to be able to set a timer for the exposure time (camera is in bulb mode), set the interval between shots and the total number of shots to create my stack. Click "go" and have it execute the sequence.

Question: Can I do delayed shutter release? IE, hit the button on the Pro Timer and have it count down a specified value (say 2, 5, 10, + seconds) then take the shot?

Scenario: In Astrophotogrpahy I need a delayed shutter release that doesn't annoy other shooters around me with the bright countdown light on the front of my Nikon D750.
#2 gwegner
Hi, thanks for your interest.
In Bulb mode, you'd be able to set the interval (for example 60 seconds) and the exposure time (for example 15 seconds). The difference would be the delay between shots (here for example 15 seconds). Of course, also you could set the number of shots, if you want.

You can set an initial delay before shooting, in the settings menu, this is called "decoupling time". It goes between 0.5 and 10 seconds currently. If you need a longer time here, that's something I could easily change in the firmware, just let me know. That time will get count down, before the start of any shooting.

Hope that fulfills your demands, otherwise just let me know.
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