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Visual previews not rendering preventing visual deflicker from being applied

#1 16thompn

I am trying to edit a timelapse sequence however a red bar is appearing under the timelapse sequence (usually yellow before turning green after visual previews are rendered) which appears to be some sort of error when trying to preview the edited photos.  I have attached an image of the sequence in LRTimelapse.  The visual deflicker is greyed out.  I'm sure this issue has already been resolved however I could not find an answer to this exact problem. It may be because I am shooting with a Nikon D850? Thanks in advance for any help.  

#2 gwegner
You need to update the Adobe Dng converter installed on your system to the latest version which supports the Nikon D850. Get the download link on http://LRTimelapse.com/install
After that update the visual previews will work for those files.

Here is also a faq that covers this: http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-visu...ot-working
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#3 16thompn
Thankyou. That was it. Thought I had the latest one but I was wrong. Thanks for your help once again!

...also check out: