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render dialog - Chemulder - 2014-07-17

Hi again,
After exporting from LRoom the jpg sequence I do not see the render window dialog. I have LRT open. I try to open it manually but it shows an error.
What can I do?

RE: render dialog - gwegner - 2014-07-17

Normally the render dialog in LRTimelapse should be launched after the LR export finishes.
If that doesn't happen, you can go to "File/Render Video" and choose the intermediary sequence with the JPGs (LRT_*) - it will appear in blue in the directory chooser.

If you get an error it might be helpful if you tell me what it says ;-)

RE: render dialog - zjdoliver - 2018-07-06

Hi, This is the closest forum entry to my question... I selected TIFF 16bit export. when LR completes the render dialog does not popup. The process continues in LRT so I'm unable to make changes prior to rendering. I have "Last Render Settings" checked in LR, should i deselect that?

RE: render dialog - gwegner - 2018-07-08

Yes. See here: