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a way to reset but keep the key frames

#1 Kers
I have this basic problem that i did too may things wrong and now like to go back to a reset state ( clear metadata?)
were i still can re-use my keyframes edited in lightroom.
in this way i do not have to start from scratch.

I see i can still save the edits in LR since they have not changed ( yet)
So I can save them to file .
how can i re-use these metadata files ?
#2 gwegner
I'd recommend to use metadata/initialize in Lrtimelapse, remove the sequence from Lightroom and start over from scratch.
That will give you a clean start (but not preserve your Keyframes.)

Other than that you can clear deflicker in LRT, you can redo holy grail wizard and redo the auto transition. There is not more that you could "mess up" in LRTimelapse.
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#3 Kers
Ok thanks,

i just did that - started from scratch again but before i made in LR screendumps of the keyframes settings....
it was the best way i could think of. ( It reminded me of making polaroids of analog synthesizer settings for reproducing the exact sound later)

I understand that the metadata handeling between LR en LRT is a delicate matter...

But i progress!.. slowly Wink

also need a new computer... hackintosh ...coming soon.

...also check out: