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Connect DeFlicker Graph to successive frame

#1 thewoj
Hey there, as always this is a great program — I use it often and it has never let me down. I had a possible feature request that I wanted to throw out regarding DeFlicker.

— Is it possible to make it so that when choosing only parts of the sequence to deflicker, that the best fit line (green line) matches to the next frame that is not selected? So, if I choose frames 1-500, and frame 501 is in the middle of an exposure shift, currently the program will try to correct 500 and 501 will remain at the same exposure and there will be a flicker. I was wondering if it would be possible to recalculate the best fit line so that the 500 exposure attempts to correct to nearly the same exposure as 501. Please let me know if this does not make sense and I can attempt to illustrate.

— Is it possible to schedule a DeFlicker to run a number of times? Right now I have to DeFlicker my ARW sequences about 4-5 times to get to smooth out completely — and I have to be at the computer each time a DeFlicker ends to start the next. Obviously, this can take awhile on 2000+ image sequences and I would love to just be able to batch a DeFlicker to run a number of times. Even cooler would be able to see each of the graphs from the intermediate DeFlickers so that I could choose which one to use.

Thanks again for this awesome program!

#2 gwegner
Good suggestions, I will look into them!
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