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Copyright Notice

#1 Nikki
Hi there,

Thanks for answering my previous question on copyright and I understand it is not desirable.

What are the LRTimelapse settings for the JPG export in files so I can create my own small low opacity watermark using Lightroom jpeg export for a specific project I a doing? You mention LRTimelapse does specific things in the background. What is that?

Thanks again!
#2 gwegner
Hi Nikki, there's a lot going on under the hood in the LRTExport plugin. But of course, you can export any JPG sequence and feed it to the LRT renderer. Just make sure the naming is correct: Put the exported files into a folder whose name starts with LRT_ and name the exported files LRT_00001.jpg etc.
But of course you will lose the interface that automatically calls LRT etc, you will have to do that manually then via File/Render Video in LRT.
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#3 Nikki

Can you please tell me the settings you have set in LRTimelaspe to make the JPGs for 4K? Size, resolution and any other details?

Thanks again!
#4 RichardDol
Thanks a lot!

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