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Got any long term timelapse experience, anyone?

#1 Lapsefinger
Hello fellow timelapsers! I'm in the middle of planning an advanced long term timelapse shoot. We're talking about one picture a day for two years. This is something I've never done, so if there are anybody out there who has done this already, I'd like to hear from you!

Some issues we already know of, like the weather (duh...), the changing of the light and the seasons, power issues, exposure issues etc. The camera will be mounted inside a weather proof box, which in turn must be firmly secured to the ground. The box will also contain a control system to monitor the camera and to make sure that everything runs smoothly, a power solution with a car battery for backup. It has to be done totally off-grid, so we'll have a solar panel forour main power source. It will also contain an internet modem, mainly for off-site monitoring, but also for image transfers. I think that's about it... :-)

Please share your experiences! In return we'll make a «making of»-movie and share our experiences with the timelapse community.
#2 gwegner
My suggestion would be to shoot much more images than 1 a day. If you want a nice and smooth timelapse, you need way more images to be able to filter later. Professional long term timelapse shooters shoot one image every 10 or 15 minutes, or even more often to have enough material to filter for good and similar looking ones later.
Check out my tutorial about the editing of long term footage, to see why this is important: https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial
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