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#1 npeters
Hello all. Now that I have assembled my Pro Timer Free, it's time to check that everything is working, and it seems I have a problem.

The timer does not fire my Canon 700D. I have checked everything with the exception of the connections to the shield. I have followed things even down to using the same color wire shown on the diagrams, so my connections should be obvious to you, however I am uncertain that I have soldered to the correct connection points on the shield.

The attached photo shows where my red, black and yellow wires are connected. There is a single black running to the shield as I have the 2 black wires soldered together, with just one wire running to the board.

I would really appreciate it if the community could check my connections and let me know if I have made a mistake so I can get it working properly.

Many thanks, Norm
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Have you checked the pinout of the transistor you're using? Depending on the part number, the pins may be arranged differently than the instructions show.

#3 npeters
Thanks for the assistance MLXXXp, that was a great suggestion. My transistor has the emitter and collector pins reversed from the standard.
I have re-wired it and now it fires the camera. Still testing, will advise how it all goes for both a Canon 700D and a 5D Mk2 (when I get that one's trigger cable delivered).

Many thanks, Norm, Canberra, Australia
#4 npeters
Another note for builders - After I got everything assembled, I kept getting random shutter releases, or none at all. It was very frustrating to track down the problem, but eventually I traced it to a dodgy TRS socket for the release cable. Everything looked fine, and tested properly with a multi-meter, but as soon as a cable was plugged in it seems there was a short created in the connector that created the havoc. As the socket I used was a closed unit, I couldn't see inside it to eyeball any problems. I replaced the socket and it now works 100% Thanks to Gunter and friends for this great device.
Norm, Canberra, Australia

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