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Horrible colour noise in final time lapse video - reasons?

#1 info@lapplandmedia.se
I would be very happy if anyone can tell me why I get a lot of flicker/colour noice in this video scene.


The images has been taken by my customer so I'm just editing the scene for them. Can the reason be that the images has been taken with a poor camera with a lot of random noise? I can see that the images has been taken with the widest possible aperture (which is correct) and in RAW format and I have tried to reduce noice as much as possible in light room for this scene.

I have tried to reduce flicker using Visiual deflicker in LRTimelapse.

Any suggestion on how to overcome this is appreciated!

#2 Jesse Rockwell
Cameras using high ISOs will have uneven color noise between shots. Moreso with Cheaper/older cams. I'm afraid there is not much you could do to remove the noise here.

Perhaps try to be informative to the client if they want to shoot themselves re: no reason to use high ISO in the day (also you mention wide aperture being correct for this shot, however I would shoot this f8-11 to get a better depth of field).
#3 gwegner
Agree. Bad camera, wrong setup. Garbage in, garbage out principle. :-)
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#4 info@lapplandmedia.se
Thanks! This is what I was thinking as well so I will forward this to the customer in a nice way. Peter
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2019-10-15, 22:26
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