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LRT 4.8.3 video render building video from previews - not actual files.

#1 Pretender
Hi All

Hoping for some assistance for a somewhat frustrating problem.

I have built a render folder from LR of a night time-lapse. There is noise reduction on each frame.

This render folder (which is the folder that contains all of the tiff files to create the video) has been sent to LRT and the video has rendered out. BUT the video has no noise reduction on it. So after some troubleshooting I discovered this. If I open this folder tiff folder and look at a "quick look" (look using spacebar) at each of the tiff files, they each open WITH NO NOISE REDUCTION. Guessing this is simply a way of opening the file in a reduced size. However, when I double click each of the tiff files and open them properly, the noise reduction is applied.

So now back to the problem. The LRT rendered video file has no noise reduction. The only conclusion I can draw is that LRT is not using the complete file - just a quick look of it - and therefore the resulting exported video has no noise reduction on it.

Am I missing something really simple here?

Appreciate some feed back as to how to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.
#2 gwegner
Noise reduction can only be judged at 1:1. There is no way that a intermediary tiff sequence that has noise reduction applied "loses" that effect when rendering the video. Most likely the noise is in the images (check in Lightroom at 1:1). Apply the NR again in 1:1 view, then reexport and rerender and you should be fine. Additionally, if you add a bit of motion blur plus in the LRT render dialog, this will further supress noise.
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