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Memory usage (RAM) by LRtimelapse on a Mac

#1 Kers

i just discovered by chance this thread:


and i adjusted the memory assigned to 6gb

in the activity monitor i noticed that already when loading 1 minute of frames ( 1800) that LRtimelapse could use more than 2GB of ram...

2.53 as indicated.

Would it be a good idea to address more RAM tot start with?

and/or to be able to change the use of RAM in the preferences?


Pieter Kers

is use Sierra , system 12.6 at the moment.
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#2 gwegner
I could assign more ram by default, but then Mac computers with less ram would not be able to launch LRT.
Unfortunately this initial setting ist notherin that can be made configurable on mac (on windows, the memory will be assigne dynamically). It's a Java thing and out of my influence, sorry...
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