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Motion timelapse complete system for sale

#1 Sheeba
I offer here a complete motion Timelapse system to buy, which leaves nothing to be desired.
The system consists of the following components:

Camera Rail:
• IGUS rail 100cm (high industrial quality)
• Adjustable feet at each end of the rail
• ¼ inch holes each at the ends of the rail for mounting on tripods
• ¼ inch screw for mounting the ball head in the slider
• Nema17 stepper motor mounted on aluminum motor plate.

TLSMC: (Timelapse Stepper Motor Controller)
• Arduino Nano based system with TCM2100 silent stepper controller
• Easy operation with 2 buttons
• Start and end position adjustable and saved
• Minimum increment 0.1mm
• Constant driving for video recordings with adjustable speed 50-1500 mm / min
• Motion Timelapse M-S-M with many functions and adjustable parameters
• Focus stacking with a minimum distance of 0.1mm
• Adjustable Distance Ramping at the beginning and end of the TL
• Extension for 2 & 3 axes TL by panorama head e.g. Syrp genie mini
• Control via Pro Timer MAX
• Open Source Project from LRT Forum https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-neu...-tlsmc-3-2

Pro timer MAX "all in one"
• Intervalometer
• Motion Timelapse Controller
• Focus Stacking Controller
• Camera Trigger via Sensors
• Arduino MEGA 2560 based system
• Basis was LRT Pro Timer Free by Gunther Wegner with many extensions
• 2 camera ports with synchronous release
• Camera Port 2 alternatively used to control the TLSMC or for connecting sensors
• External power supply 9-12V
• Internal power supply via 9V battery

• Timelapse functions in standalone mode
• Timelapse (M) and Timelapse Bulb (Astro)
• Single and Bulb Exposure
• Interval up to 9.9 sec with 0.1 sec, then 1 sec resolution
• start delay of the TL and Single Exposure 0 sec to 12 hrs

• Functions in motion timelapse mode (TLSMC connected)
• Motion timelapse with many setting options
• Control of all functions of the TLSMC (M-S-M, Constant Driving, Focus Stacking ..)

• Event controlled timelapse and single exposure with sensor connected
• High speed capturing with a tripping delay <1msec and a programmable delay up to 400 msec
• Light, sound and motion sensors separately available

IGUS rail
Pro timer MAX
Connection cable Pro Timer MAX> TLSMC
Practical tripod mount for the Pro Timer MAX
Detailed user manual
Price 330 € plus shipping costs

The pictured ball head is not part of the delivery!
The Pro Timer and the Motor Controller (TLSMC) are open source projects. This will benefit you for free from future extensions and improvements.
And here you can see the whole system in action
In addition, you only need the trigger cable for the camera with 3.5mm jack, a 12V battery and a 9V battery / rechargeable battery for the Pro-Timer.
The system has been used a few times, has some signs of use and works flawlessly.
As this is a private sale there is no guarantee or warranty.
I am happy to answer questions before and after the purchase.

Regards, Hans
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#2 yimiblu
I wish there had been such an offer when I started to build my DIY these years. I would have saved a lot of time and a lot of money. Good luck with the sale!. I would not doubt it!

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