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QDslr with arduino motion controller and intervalometer.

#1 PedroF
This is my first post in the forum. I would like to congratulate the amazing work done in the development of QDslrDashboard and LRTimelapse.

My question is:
- How can  QDslrDashboard  (with TP-Link)  be used with an Arduino as intervalometer and motor slider commander, using the QDslr only for ramping features in sunset to milky way time lapse.

I already have built (with great help in the code) a motorized slider with a Arduino as intervalometer and slider commander.
Recently I bought the TP-Link and upgraded the firmware to use it with QDslr.
The problem I'm facing is the changing in exposure (ramping),processed by QDslr, is not being effective in camera because QDslr can't communicate with the Arduino intervalometer to change the shutter speed.

I considered building LRTimelapse Protimer (thanks again Gunther Wegner) but the need for commanding the slider made me keep/upgrade the Arduino I already have. It's not an option for now to buy a more expensive commander.

To give an insight on the setup, the Arduino menus can preset: rail length, shutter speed and number of shoots.
The camera (Nikon D610) shutter connection is through the infrared camera mode using infrared Nikon code I found in a forum when I was researching for this project. I thought it could be a good alternative to prevent damaging the camera if something was wired wrong.

I'm sorry for the long post.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Best regards from Portugal.

#2 gwegner
Hi Pedro,
qDslrDashboard doesn't need to communicate with the motion control device or intervalometer. Just set up everything without qDDB. Then connect qDDB to the camera. It will only listen for new images, analyze them and change camera settings. It has nothing to do with the intervalometer or motion control unit.
Just make sure that the motion control/intervalometer is set to only trigger the shutter briefly (short trigger) all the time. The exposure times will be set on the camera.
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