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Question on the Pixel TC3 'Repeat' Timer

#1 Not A Speck Of Cereal
I recently got the Pixel TC3 Intervalometer, since I couldn't find a good value for the TC252 mentioned in so many threads here. As it turns out, the TC3 works just as well in respect to the Intervalometer Hack.

One note on the TC3 that might be different than the TC252 is that it has 2 levels of timer, the first one with a LONG, INT, and N-count (up to 99, like the old one, which was disappointing to me since I'm used to the "--" setting of no limit*); the 2nd level is called REPEAT and it consists of INTERVAL and N-count as well (but no LONG setting, so I guess it's just repeating the previous LONG), but this time the count offers "--", which is nice.

If anyone has this timer (or one with the REPEAT feature), please check me on this: to get a time-lapse sequence with a count of "--", I basically set the first level to a count of "1", then use the REPEAT level for a count of "--". Is that pretty much the way of it? Or am I misunderstanding the REPEAT functionality of this timer (the owners manual was of no help at all).

Thanks, Chris

* = the Nikon MC-36 intervalometer has a "--" past 99 for unlimited count of shots. I have this timer, but am unwilling to use it for the hack due to the value of it.
#2 Sheeba
Hi Chris,
I'm using the Pixel T3 to control the timing of my DIY Slider check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwPpeX5Mp4g
The amount of shots do do ist a combination of N1 and N2 f.e. if you would take 200 shots set N1 to 50 and N2 to 4 50X4=200 but also N2 could be set to -- wehre it then runs unlimited. If you use this please take care to set REPEAT to the same value than INTVL. Unfortunately this is not described in the manual of the T3.

Hope I could help you a bit!!


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