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#1 rodrigo
Dear All,

A couple of days before Christmas, a building company decided to erect another crane to help them build the second phase of a block of apartments; to start this phase they decided to erect a second crane on the building site. The weather was appalling, rain, wind and fog I soldier on and stood there for 3 days under the awful weather, the time lapse is not of a great quality and I am sure most of you it may find it boring and to long (10 minutes), please forgive me but I could not let waste the time and effort that I used just before Xmas.

 Second Crane

kind regards,

#2 Dale Davis
Hi Rodrigo- Always enjoy your stuff. I imagine myself being in this situation and am glad it was you and not me, so I can view it in the comfort of my home without the wet weather. might I ask you the shooting interval you generally use for construction sites like this? I would imagine somewhere in the range of 2 frames per minute?
#3 rodrigo
Hi Dale, thanks for watching the time lapse. It was shot at 5 seconds interval.
It started on 20th-Dec about midday, it followed al day on the 21st and half a day on Friday 22nd. It was freezing the last day where 4237 shots. I'm surprised I never got pneumonia. Jajaja.
#4 rodrigo
I forgot to mention, the engineer's on the tower are a brave and daring bunch, if you look closely towards the end of the time lapse you will notice a small figure dangling from the tackle threading the cable for the lifting hook. DANGLING AT THAT HEIGHT. WOW!!!
the crane
2012-12-07, 14:08
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