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#1 timelapsefrank
Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help here. I have just got my slider (Slider+Pine R 1 axis ) motor. I have set it up at home prior to get out with it. I am having a problem the slider is not advancing with my camera . I have a Z6 nikon with the LRT pro timer( with cables for my camera and slider). I attached the camera and the Lrt timer plugged the camera and the wire into the pine controller complete with power. I setup the the controller with two simple keyframes. I start the pine controller and then start the Lrt pro timer. It all works except the advancing of the slider along the rails.

I have photos attached.
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#2 Ralph
Hi, Frank,
did you put the controller into slave mode? Otherwise the Pro Timer cannot trigger the slider.
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#3 timelapsefrank
Yes I did. I do not know if we need an ipad for the PIne controller and another for the QDSLR to run holy grail.Its really frustrating that we do not have any instructions on how to wire these setups.
I wanted to use the Slider from Blackforest and there Pine controller like Gunter. Its like juggling things in the air. I was hoping that it would be working flawlessly. I wired it like the example under the LRT Pro Timer for the slave.
#4 gwegner
Did you watch my Holy Grail Shooting Tutorial? https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorials - on the very bottom of the page. There is no additional wirering necessary. Just programm the Motion Controller - after starting the motion, lauch qDDB. The pine will not need the app while shooting.
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#5 timelapsefrank
Gunter, I have watched your video a number of times. I also noticed you did not have the LRT Pro Timer attached to the camera. So I QDSLR was setup too to trigger the camera. But how was the interval set and how did the slider get triggered to move?
#6 MMeier
There is no need to attach an external intervalometer to the camera when using a slider. The external intervalometer could be used together with the slider in case you would like to do interval ramping. In cases where you only use the slider the camera as well as the slider move will be triggered by the controller. Besides the controller taking care of triggering the camera and the slider move you can use qdslrdashboard as described in the tutorial to control the settings of the camera for the holy grail.
#7 timelapsefrank
With a little help from all of you I got it figured out. It works flawlessly so far. But i had to return my battery pack as it shut down after 15 minutes of use. I hope the new will work better.

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