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Syrp Genie Mini, no camera shutter

#1 evoll

The genie mini and my Nikon d750 dont seem to communicate.

Should the cable Connected to the Syrp be pushed all the way in?? My cable doesnt go all the way in and i dont want to put anymore pressure on without checking if anyone know if this is normal or not.

#2 KidsOfAllAges
Not an expert on the Genie Mini, but if the cable does not go all the way in, it is very unlikely to work. It should go all the way in and there should not be any damage done, but as always, if you have to force it, there is something wrong. Check for mechanical obstacles.

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#3 rodrigo
Sometimes the little tongue tends to bend upwards, check that it is straight and make sure it engages with the cord opening.


#4 evoll

Seems weird if its designed to not go all the way in.
#5 evoll
Just got an answer from syrp support. The plug i suppose to go all the way in and sometimes this requires a bit of force they said Smile
It works now Smile
Syrp Genie
2019-07-12, 20:04
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