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Visual Preview being generated again after finalizing workflow/loading metadata in LR

#1 gruppetto-joe
Hi Gunther,

I searched the forum but couldn't find any answers, so I decided to post this issue here:

What I experienced is the following
after finishing the workflow (visual previews and deflickering) I load the metadata in lightroom. Now the strange thing that happens is, that the visuals previews will be generated again in LRTimelapse (version 5.2.2). This happens only if the folder is still selected in LRTimelapse, if I deselect it before loading the meatdata in Lightroom, the visual previews remain.

It's not an existential issue, but if you happen to forget to deselect the folder in LRTimelapse a lot of computing resources end up on generating the visual previews again although the whole workflow has been finalized before and actually the previews should just remain as rendered.

I am working on a Macbook with macOS Mojave version 10.14.5 and i have also installed the latest DNG converter and the latest Lightroom CC version.

I would be grateful if there is either a solution for this that I might not be aware of, or maybe some explanation or if there might be a future fix for this?

thanks a lot and I really appreciate you having developed this amazing application that LRTimelapse is! I love it!


PS: ich spreche auch deutsch aber dachte in englisch ist der thread hilfreicher für mehr Leute.
#2 gwegner
Could it be possible that you have set Automatically write changes to XMP in the Lightroom Catalog Settings? That has to be off (!), otherwise Lightroom will mess with the XMP files and LRT will detect any changes and redo the visual previews.
Please check and report back.
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