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Weird WB bug in my GH5 sequence

#1 karlo_m
I've been trying to fix this for days now. Reinitialized metadata dozens of times. Searched everything I could, no luck.

I have a sequnce shot with my GH5. It's a holy grail sequence with two exposure adjustments. After editing it in Lightroom and creating Previews, WB goes crazy from frame to frame.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb4t1HdOaiM
(Just realized a youtube video is playing in the background, feel free to mute the video)

I've used Dehaze in Lr, both "built-in" in the Develop module and with the (LRT-generated) gradient filters, no difference.

I'm on Lr 7.5 and LRT 5.0.8, but this has been happening back from LRT 5.0.0.
#2 gwegner
You messed with the gradients. Added new ones or deleted from those that LRTimelapse created.
Please start over with metadata/initialize and make sure to only use the 4 linear gradients that LRTimelapse provides when editing. Don't add new ones, don't remove any of them.
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#3 karlo_m
But I haven’t used any gradients! Will provide a screenshot if needed for proof, but this is strictly without any gradients. I didn’t touch them at all, all the changes were made to a whole image. No gradients, brushes, nothing.

...also check out: