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After editing my Holy Grail sequence, the area around the sun pulsates.

#1 gwegner
This effect happens, if the area around the sun is over exposed and you used the holy grail shooting technique while the sun was still in the frame. Basically the sun and some area around it will always be over exposed.
As you change the camera exposure for the holy grail, the diameter of the overexposed area changes by a certain step, this causes the pulsating that you are experiencing.
This is just a bad shooting technique that no software can fix. The information is just not there.

To prevent this next time, expose less, and avoid starting the holy grail procedure (adjustment of the camera settings) while the sun is still visible in the frame. Any camera with a decent dynamic range should be able to handle this. After the sun is gone, start the holy grail procedure but closely observe the histogram to not blow any of the color channels.

Using a exposure rampint tool with a decent preview of the histogram like qDslrDashboard will help significantly.

When editing: use the LRTimelapse Holy Grail Wizard and keyframe the exposure to your liking. Reduce highlights and increase shadows to reduce the contrast.
If you do it right, you will get perfect results without any jumps.
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