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Dynamic Perception NMX Pro Controller

#1 Bass
Hello there,

a friend of mine was supposed to bring me a DP NMX Controller from the US that I ordered to her address. (Live in Germany)
It was meant to fit to the pocketslider that uses the same connectors as the DP NMX Standard.

although I ordered a Standard Controller, DP USA has sent me the much more expensive NMX Pro Controller that has different connectors (water sealed) than the Standard Controller.

The connectors are more robust but do not fit to the molex Adapters of the usual stepper Motors.

What should I do now?

Returning to the US could become a bit dificult.

Is anyone interested in a NMX Pro Controller?
#2 gwegner
You should be able to get adapters from Molex to the NMX Pro Connectors. Maybe you could ask http://kids-of-all-ages.com
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#3 KidsOfAllAges
We can make adapters and we can also just sell the connectors..

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