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External editor ?

#1 Renaud

I wonder how I could use an external editor in the LRT workflow.
To be more specific, how could I edit my pictures in dFine, for example, and then go back to the LRT workflow|path.
It can be dFine, which is great at denoising, but it also could be another Nik software, or another editor like DXO
The issue being to go out of the raw route at some point.

I would also like to use Capture One, that I prefer to LR as derawtiser, but I guess that the .xmp won't be readable by LRT ?
Which means exporting Tiffs or DNGs from Capture one ?

Any suggestions ?
Your help will be appreciated, thanks !
#2 gwegner
If you would like to do individual adjustments with other software than LR/ACR, you need to do it on the exported intermediary sequence. So do the regular LRT workflow until the export via LRTExport and then process the exported JPG or TIFF (LRT Pro required) located in the LRT_**** folder. After that you can render that folder via LRTimelapse and File/Render Video.
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#3 Renaud
OK, I see,
though this means unfortunately that LR/Camera Raw is the sole raw converter I can use..
thanks Gunther for your quick answer !

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