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Has anyone selected frames based on position of sun in a Long Term Time Lapse?

#1 CaliforniaTL
I'm creating a long term times lapse and I have two ideas I would like to try but I'm not sure how to do it. My first thought is to create a long term timelapse that starts at dawn and ends at sunset even though it will be shot over the period of a year. My second thought is to use photos from a certain time of day where the sun is roughly at the same spot over the horizon but variable height. This will simply reduce the amount of shadow change in the timelapse which is often the most distracting issue in a timelapse. Is there a way to create a spreadsheet filter? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

#2 gwegner
Currently a spreadsheet filter is not possible.

I'd use the luminance filter in the long term workflow (check the long term tutorial) with that you can filter out all images below or abowe a certain luminance level (brightness). Check it out!
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#3 CaliforniaTL
Thanks, Gunther, I have an excess number of images so I can constrain my filter more and reduce the amount of shadow movement and luminance from daily weather and still get what I need. I'm going to keep searching. I think I need to make a spreadsheet and reapply the time filter for certain sections of the year.

#4 w3p706
If you want to select pictures according to position of the sun, you can do that with a Pyhton script and the "ephem" package. You can calculate angle of the sun in for every image with the time and position it was taken. The sun would do an 8-figure (Analemma) if you take the photo at the same time, everyday.

...also check out: