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'Show selected folders only' option?

#1 Zippy
Hi. Minor point, but...

Any chance of an option to show only selected folders in the list instead of a long list of drives/folders unrelated to timelapse files?

Each time I open LRT it decides to point to a totally irrelevant folder (refusing to recognise the last used folder/s) and I have to scroll through a long list to get back to the images folder/timelapse images. Would much prefer to show only chosen folders from the drives holding my images, not Windows' internal workings. Fine for intitial set up, but not every single time I open LRT please!

Best regards,
#2 gwegner
Normally, LRTimelapse will open the folder tree on the position you've left it, when you closed it. If not, probably LRTimelapse cannot write its settings file when you close it. Please check the log file, if it loads the settings/properties file after opening. This is related to the other settings in the LRT settings dialog. Please check, if those are being saved when you reopen LRT. Then it should also restore the position in the folder tree.
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