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Incorrect sequence in the final video due to renaming jpg files

#1 gs87nt
Hi to all!

I have searched in the forum for an answer, but I didn't find, so I thought to open a new discussion!

I did a very long sequence from day to night.

My camera stored the raw files, naming them starting from _img_9661 to _img_9999, and then from _img_0001 to the end of the sequence _img_1022.

During the LRTimelapse work on the raw files, all the images were ordered in the right sequence, as written above.

I rendered the final video and something went wrong because the initial portion (from _img_9661 to _img_9999) was put at the end of the video.

So I have renamed in windows all the sequence from img(1) to img(1361) in the right temporal order.

Re-lanching the LRTimelapse's render video, this caused a very bad final video because the jpgs looked as used in random mode inside the final timelapse.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

I supposed that the render of the final timelapse uses an order of all the jpg files looking at the "date modified", so due to the processing (of renaming) of the jpg files, the random sequence is created.

Thanks for your time guys!
#2 Ralph
If the order of the images in Lr is correct and they are the same in LRT, there can't be any confusion. After all edits you export the whole folder from Lr. LRT then creates a new folder in which the images (intermediate sequence) run in the same order as they were in LR. During export, they are renamed LRT_00001 to LRT_01361. If you then take the folder and use LRT renders, everything should be right.
#3 gwegner
You need to set the sort order in Lightroom to capture time before exporting.
You can do that in Grid View on the toolbar (t).
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