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Intervolmeter interval

#1 dvclock
I have been doing some time lapse shots, both day with clouds and night with stars. I am shooting with a Canon 6D. My questions is on interval. I have always just run continuous using a Canon remote trigger, and never had any time between shots, yet i see a lot of shooters use some amount of set interval or time between shots. What is the reason for adding any time between the shots? 
I am also trying to reduce flicker, any suggestions? If it helps, i shoot with the 6D mostly and sometimes the 5D3, i use Sigma art lenses mostly, and a Canon 24-105. Most of the time i only see flicker during day shots, using a longer shutter (1/2 second or longer) and an ND filter.
Thanks for any help.
#2 rodrigo
Hi, as the name indicates a timelapse is a sequence of photos taking at set intervals during a set period of time, if the shooting was continuous with no intervals it would a video. Regarding the flickering it can be removed using the deflickering tool after reimporting the key frames and applaying the changes made in Lightroom to the rest of the sequence of photos that makes up the timelapse.


#3 gwegner
@dvclock: the interval is the parameter with which you determine the acceleration of the timelapse clip in comparison to "real time".
The exposure has to fit into the interval. But it will be determined by the brightness and other factors. So both are independently, but the exposure has to fit into the interval. Using ND filters is a good idea, because longer exposures, deliver a better look.

For deflicker I woudn't care too much when shooting, just rely on the visual deflicker in LRTimelapse.
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Best interval?
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