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Is Vectorgear Motion Evo the same as Rhino gear?

#1 Jetstream Rider
I'm in Shanghai at the moment and have been looking for a rail and a motion controller.  There are very few here, but I was shown a Vectorgear Motion Evo. It looks very similar to a Rhino gear mk1 rail and controller.  The Rhino controllers are black, this one was silver with a wooden effect knob.  I was wondering if they were the same thing, or if the Vectorgear is a Chinese copy? It looked pretty good quality and was much cheaper than sourcing a Rhinogear back home in the UK.

I'm not keen to get a Chinese copy - especially since it had the old software - I'd want to update to one where you could choose the interval etc, as seen on another thread here.  I must say I am tempted though. I would be happy if it was a real Rhino bit of kit though.

Any thoughts?

My favorite solution for my needs is a Syrp at the moment, so I am considering that - but for the price I think the Vectorgear looks like a good solution, especially if it is the same as the Rhino and I can update the software.
#2 Jetstream Rider
I've managed to answer my question - the Chinese version is not related to the US one - so seems to be a copy.

...also check out: