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LRT Exporter overwrites existing files !

#1 martinheck
I recently encountered a "problem" with the LRT Export Plugin in LRT:
-Multiple folders (sequences) selected, with all images within selected as well
-> Export -> LRTPlugin -> see attached screenshot for settings
Usual export works fine, Folders are created for each sequence and image sequences are being rendered.

If it happens that those folders already exist, they are being overwritten including all previous rendered images.
Please note that "Overwrite" was NOT selected in the export settings.
This "bug" prevents pausing and continuing exports without manually selecting missing frames or setting frame numbers where to continue by hand (which can be very tedious). For my use case, eg rendering from multiple computers to the same file location, is made impossible by this "bug", because every frame (the whole folder to be correct) is being overwritten and started from scratch as soon as an existing folder is detected.
Selecting "Overwrite" seems to have the same results (as expected), so I don't see which sense this feature makes, if it overwrites regardless.

For reference the standard LR export can just skip existing files in a render operation without problem. The reason why I don't want to use it is that if you select multiple folders you can only export to a single folder. If you select single folders you need to repeat this for every folder you need, AND the sequences are being rendered in parallel. Meaning the computer will become very unresponsive after a while of setting up many export operations.

AE_renderfarm export uses the same technique (thats why it only works with image sequences)

This would be a HUGE timesaver and would make this rendering workflow the most efficient and scalable workflow EVER. Thanks for your time.
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#2 TSLPhoto
^This! Unknowingly had identical folder names and the exports replaced the new folders without the overwrite option checked and no warnings.
#3 dklmaui
I agree. Fixing this may also solve other problems. Sometimes one or more images fail to render due to running out of memory (and possibly other causes). User needs an option to be able to re-export AND SKIP existing images in the rendering folder*. Just export only the missing few, rather than have to start (and wait for hours) on the entire sequence again. This would seem to also fix Martinheck's problem with sending to a shared folder from multiple machines. If it's already there, the export process skips it before rendering.

While we're on the topic, the rendering export process should immediately pause, stop, warn, or do something similar when one image fails to export. I was waiting and watching for 5 hours today only to find out about 100 images didn't make it. Now I have to clear some memory, cross my fingers, and start that entire process over again. Please let us know along the way.

Gunther I saw your write up on that amazing 32 thread ripper PC you've got, but many of us are working with 4 core 8 thread machines or less. When something fails it takes us hours of waiting to start again, so this would be very very helpful!

Thank you so very much.

*UPDATED COMMENT: I just noticed in my rendering folder with missing images due to memory issues, that all the files are still numbered in order. There are none missing from the sequence. Thus allowing us to "skip" existing images would also require you to revisit the numbering scheme for these as well, plus backward compatibility. At this point I would just settle for it pausing on a memory error rather than waiting on it for hours before finding out. Thanks again for this amazing software by the way. These requests may seem critical but we wouldn't be making them if it wasn't already so good!
#4 gwegner
Guys, I've worked a full day on implementing this (with Lightroom unfortunately nothing is easy, and I've already tweaked the export a lot to enable that whole multi-folder export). So please check out the new 5.1.0 - there is a new "Skip" option in the expert settings which will skip all images in a folder that are already present. Please note that you always need to select all images in a folder for this to work.
I think this will help you with your workflow. Looking forward to hear your feedback!
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