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LRTimelapse 5.x Compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave?

#11 AlanDyer
Indeed, under Mojave there is now the option under System Preferences>Dock to Show Recent Applications in Dock. This is ticked on by default. When opening LRT it opens DNG Convertor automatically and it shows up in the dock. Turn off the Show Recent Applications option and all is normal as before.
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#12 gwegner
Yes, I can confirm this. This is a new option in Mojave, it's turned on by default and will keep the last applications in the dock then. I'd recommend to turn this off, if you don't want to have the DNG converter appearing there.
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#13 MMeier
And it keeps it in the doc more than once if you edit multiple sequences.... glad that one can turn it off.

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#14 noirnet
Everything seems to work a-okay for now.

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