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Manually adjusting raw files to aid the holy grail blend.

#1 simonplantphoto
I’m looking for some advice on correct workflow for the following.
I have a Timelapse which has some images that need some manual adjustments to even out where I increased the exposure and where the sun has brightened (but not clipped the frames).
This section is being Adjusted by the holy grail wizard but just not enough to stop it completely looking smooth hence the need to manually adjust these two frames.

Does it matter at which point I go into the raw files and manually adjust the 1 to 2 frames needed?

Should I adjust them then load them into LRTimelapse then run through the visual workflow?
What happens when The Holy Grail Wizard picks up the frames will it overwrite my adjustments?
I'm not having much luck and feel the Raws are pretty well exposed without being clipped so I should be able to make this work better.
Regards Simon
#2 gwegner
Normally the Visual Deflicker would do the rest of the job, smoothing out everything that the holy grail wizard does not get.
That would be the first thing I'd recommend doing, set an appropriate reference area follow my advices in the deflicker tutorial.

Only if you need to change settings like vignette from one to the next image, I'd recommend doing it manually. In that case exchange the 2*/3* keyframes in Lightroom at that transition to 4*/4* keyframes. Edit both so that they match - then in LRT redo the second workflow row. Auto Transition will take care of the transition to the previous / next keyframes.
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#3 simonplantphoto
Many Thanks it's still not perfect but I now have a better understanding of what works and what will be problematic when shooting into the sun.
Cheers Simon

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